Pre-Conference Events

Pre-conference Events | 22 October (optional) 

In addition to the rich professional program, the ISSA Conference will be offering inspiring satellite events. Please join our pre-conference sessions and workshops on 22 October and stay a bit longer to join site visits to services, or take part in cultural sightseeing on 25 October in and around Sofia.


Each event has a limited number of spots available. To make sure you don't miss out, register as soon as possible via the registration page.

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Pre-conference Events | 22 October


The case for transforming urban segregated communities and the role of schools and early learning centers in this process 
Hosted by Trust for Social Achievement Foundation | 10:30 - 13:30

Join us for an exciting interactive event as we explore, together with scientists from the USA and Bulgaria, the advantages of investing in high quality education within poor urban ethnic minority neighborhoods, with a focus on the early years. Be inspired by the experiences of two American schools aiming to move beyond academic excellence and towards community transformation..


The Element of Play®️: Not a Day Without Play
Hosted by Worldwide Foundation for Vulnerable Children (WWO)14:00 - 17:00

Join this interactive pre-conference workshop, with professionals from Worldwide Foundation for Vulnerable Children (WWO) and WWO-Ukraine (both part of the WWO family) to recreate the atmosphere of the Element of Play® program and explore vivid and active opportunities for teaching and leading the processes of transforming early learning systems into thriving communities that help children grow in the most natural way. 


Families as agents of system change: family activism and the importance of lived experiences in social policy making 
Hosted by Tanya’s Dream Fund and Trust for Social Achievement 15:00 - 18:00

During this interactive two-part event we will bring together researchers from the United Kingdom and Bulgaria, as well as inspirational parent activists, to discuss the realities of child-family separation in Europe, and to learn from successful examples of parents becoming advocates in different system contexts. Together, we will reimagine a social system that keeps children in families and supports family wellbeing. Through small and large group discussion, we will synthesize a call-to-action for parent activists and those who can support them. 


News on the Keynote Speakers will follow soon!