#3 Pre-conference Workshop: Gender Equity in Parenting: Involving Fathers/Male Caregivers in Responsive Care-Giving

Gender Equity in Parenting: Involving Fathers/Male Caregivers in Responsive Care-Giving

Offered by Oak Foundation and ISSA


Hosts: Oak Foundation & ISSA

Date: June 17, 2019

Time: 9:00 to 17:00

Location: Leiden, Child Rights Home, Hooglandse Kerkgracht 17.


See the agenda here.


This one-day workshop aims to facilitate shared learning and exchange on note-worthy practices in the field of gender equity and father (and/or other male caregiver) involvement in early childhood, with the ultimate goal to support child development and wellbeing, including prevention of violence against young children.

The focus of this pre-conference workshop is on sharing the latest research and existing conceptual frameworks and tools which foster the provision of nurturing care to children and promote fathers’ and other male caregivers’ responsive involvement in their children’s care and education. The objective is to stimulate discussion and share practical experience from innovative programs, approaches and policies in the field.  Interactive discussion methods will be used in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas and lay the foundation to drive collaborative action.


As a result of the workshop and the collaboration stemming from it, participants will be equipped with new knowledge, new approaches, and stronger capacity to promote gender equity and father/male care-giver involvement, to reduce violence against young children and support child development, learning and well-being.


The theme

The theme of this workshop was chosen in order to highlight the strong connection between gender equity, violence prevention and Early Childhood Development (ECD) and the need to support responsive care-giving through gender equity and increased father and male caregiver involvement. This topic is of significant importance to the broader field of ECD, since children learn, develop and thrive only if the adults in their lives provide responsive caregiving in nurturing environments. However, although extensive attention has been given to the role of mothers and other caregivers, policy, research and practices have limitedly addressed fathers’ and other male caregivers’ role in their children’s development.



This workshop welcomes particularly representatives of NGO’s, researchers, donors, policy makers and all those with an interest in the interconnection of gender equity, father and male caregiver engagement and prevention of violence as means for improving the quality of children’s lives and for supporting their development. All those who wish to learn more about how responsive caregiving is linked to gender equity and father/male care-giver involvement are invited to register for this workshop.



During interactive sessions there will be presentations made by researchers and policy makers with extensive experience in research on the topic and a strong theoretical foundation on existing frameworks and tools. Practitioners and NGO representatives will also share their successes, barriers encountered and lessons learnt in carrying out programs focusing on gender equity and father/male care-giver involvement.


Practical Information

This workshop is offered free of charge to participants in the ISSA Conference 2019. Lunch and coffee breaks will be served.



Visit the registration page to reserve your place at this pre-conference event. This event has a limited number of seats.


News on the Keynote Speakers will follow soon!