#5 Pre-conference Workshop: The European Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care


The European Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care - a Lens for Reflecting Systemically on Quality at Local and National Level

Offered by Bureau Mutant, the European Quality Framework Expert Group (The Netherlands) & VBJK (Belgium)


Hosts: Bureau MUTANT - VBJK   
Date: June 17, 2019 
Time: From 9.00 to 17.00
Location: Leiden, Child Rights Home, Hooglandse kerkgracht 17.

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This workshop will focus on the European Quality Framework (EQF), on the training package ‘5 Steps to Quality’ and on the implementation of the EQF in several countries. More specifically, the aims of this pre-conference workshop are:

  • To provide knowledge on the vision and content of the European Quality Framework
  • To offer knowledge and tools of the 5 Steps to Quality Training to support child care managers and professionals in their efforts to improve quality
  • To facilitate discussions and reflection through peer learning and reaching a deeper understanding of the themes in the Quality Framework
  • To learn from other countries’ experiences with the implementation of the European Quality Framework in their own context.

The theme

The European Quality Framework has been developed by a group of experts, government officials, and policy advisors. It offers the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) field relevant instruments to reflect upon and enhance existing quality frameworks and/or systems. They can also ‘translate’ the EQF content into their own practice and context.


The EQF’s holistic approach to quality is based on five themes: accessibility, workforce, curriculum, monitoring and evaluation, and governance and finance. Based on the framework, a practical 5 Steps to Quality training has been developed, handing to participants the must-haves and highlights of the European Quality Framework: the Framework as a lens for reflecting systemically on quality at local and national level.



Managers, professionals, trainers and policymakers working in Early Childhood Education



Anke van Keulen from Bureau Mutant, Ana del Barrio Saiz from Ana del Barrio Training & Consulting and Josette Hoex from NJI (all from the Netherlands), and Hester Hulpia from VBJK (Belgium).


Practical Information

This workshop is offered free of charge to participants in the ISSA Conference 2019. Lunch and coffee breaks will be served. Participants will be charged a small fee of EUR 30 (incl. VAT) to cover catering costs.


Visit the registration page to reserve your place at this pre-conference event. This event has a limited number of seats.

News on the Keynote Speakers will follow soon!