Pre-conference Workshops & Site Visits

We offer two days of conferencing: on 18 & 19 June. You can however join our Pre-conference Events on 17 June 2019 or stay to experience some site visits to services on 20 June 2019 in the Leiden area.

Pre-conference Events 17 June 2019 (optional)

On this day ISSA members and partners will arrange several workshops on diverse topical issues in the early childhood field. You can find the entire Pre-conference program HERE.

Site Visits 20 June 2019 (optional)

Within and surrounding the City of Leiden, there are many services for young children worth visiting. We have a variety of inspiring field trips listed below. 

The deadline for site visit registration is 30 May 2019. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at

About the Site Visits

Site Visits give participants insight into Leiden's diverse childcare services, including childcare facilities, schools and other services and initiatives. Site visits are open to everyone who registered for the ISSA Conference.

During visits, no photographs are to be taken of the children (privacy). For photos of the facility itself, please ask permission of the contact person on site. 

Some readings on the Dutch Early Childhood Education and Care system:


Site Descriptions:


De Dukdalf Openbare Jenaplanschool (Integrated Children Center/ Public Primary school De Dukdalf)
Category: Primary education and integrated after school care (4-12 years)

  • Time: 10:00-12:00
  • Distance from city center: 27 minutes by public transport

This primary school is in the process of transforming into an Integrated Children Center, an intense cooperation between school and childcare. There is a continuum of the pedagogical approach between the school and the care. The director of the school will explain the why, how and what of becoming an integrated children center. How they started, what are their experiences and what are their goals. The school works with Jenaplan education and it is very active on an international level and has participated in diverse Erasmus+ projects with a lot of European countries.

This site visit will be hosted by Child Care International, an ISSA member.




Speelgroep JES Rijnland (Playgroup JES Rijnland)

Location and program in which parents come with their babies/toddlers to meet and play with other parents and children. They take part in a variety of activities together.

The main purpose is supporting parents, handing out tips and tricks, exchanging experiences with other parents and enforcing their parenting skills. Children learning to play with other children.




Antroposofische halve dag opvang

  • Time: 10:00-11:00
  • Distance from city center: 26 minutes by public transport

Gouden Poortje offers its services from an anthroposophical pedagogical angle. This view comprises the assumption that children are able to develop naturally when given the right examples and impulses from the adults in their environments. The natural environment (nature) and its resources at the basis of play and learning.






Peuterspeelzaal Floddertje (Toddlercentrum Floddertje)
Category: Toddlercentrum, a playgroup for toddlers (2-4 years)

  • Time: 10:00-10:45
  • Distance from city center: 15 minute walk

Toddlercentrum is a facility for children between age 2-4 can come to play. Pedagogical workers interact two half-days with the children on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A half day accounts for three hours. Floddertje is a facility for toddlers situated in Leiden’s city center.

Other social organizations are in the building as well, such as the Center of Youth and Family, where parents can immediately address parenting issues or other child care issues. Floddertje has a city playground, accessible directly from the room. The team organizes field trips with parents and children regularly, under which to the petting zoo. Surrounding public holidays they encourage children to bring food from within their culture.

Floddertje works with the VVE Piramid methodology which comprises several themes to stimulate child learning and development, align with individual child needs.





Consultatiebureau Oosterkerkstraat | Centrum Jeugd en Gezin (Consultation bureau Oosterkerkstraat | Center of Youth and Family)
Category: preventive childcare service for families with children (0-4 years)

  • Time: 11:00-12:30
  • Distance from city center: 13 minute walk

The consultation bureau is a service where parents can go for preventive child care. It provides pre-school children (age 0-4) with-regular health checks and preventively screens health problems.

The consultation bureau on the Oosterkerkstraat sits in the Center of Youth and Family in the city center. It also offer pedagogical advice and youth health care.

Parents can come in and address all kinds of questions or concerns surrounding children and parenting. Services comprise various forms of child, parenting and family counseling.

Methodologies used:
Triple P,  a parenting methods that comprises positive parenting

1 family, 1 plan When a family receives care from different services, 1 family, 1 plan, brings several forms of aid together
Youth Match, a service which aligns – when applicable – several youth workers and their efforts. 





Woutertje van Leyden (Primary school Woutertje van Leyden)
Category: Public primary school for children (4-9 years)

  • Time: 10:00-11:00
  • Distance from city center: 15 minute walk

A new school, no children older than 9 are in the class rooms yet (age group 4-9).

Every child is different and learns different. Either on another level or in another way. By offering the subject matter in various ways, children discover in what way they learn best. Woutertje van Leyden chose to place children in units, groups that comprises of children with overlapping ages.

This year, two groups of children aged 4-5 and 6-9 exists. Within their specific age group children also have a mentor. They start and end the day with their mentor, who also keeps close watch on individual developments with the children. Together they make plans to achieve learning goals. This way, children learn to be co-responsible for their own development.

Woutertje van Leyden strongly believes in the child’s ability to develop its own talents and to learn how to use them. By this way of talent stimulating the child prepares itself for the world and its own future. But not only by themselves, also by peer learning from class mates and teachers.





News on the Keynote Speakers will follow soon!